Liquid flux / Rosin flux "KOKI"
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Liquid flux / Rosin flux "KOKI"   :  

Solder Anode / Solder Bar and Solder Ball

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tin anode are manufactured from metals exhibiting the highest purity attainable, thus resulting in a dramatic reduction in sludging. Sludging is reduced because all metallic impurities and non-metallic oxides and sulfies are removed by a proprietary manufacturing process prior to casting or extruding. Less sludge generated resultes in less energy consumption, greater plating process efficiency, less maintenance required for equipment, lower waste treatment/disposal costs. The manufacturing process also creates product with smaller metal crystal packed into a much tighter crystalline structure. This results in more uniform corrosion of the anode in the bath , and a more even and uniform distribution of metallic ions in the plating bath.

Test Program (Solder Bath Analysis)

As we are a professional in soldering technique, our R&D team had researched analysis program for solder in wave soldering bath and other solder technique. For these two recommended program, you can ensure solder quality are in always perfect solder ability.

Program 4 in 1 = Tin + Copper + Antimony + Gold. Only 4 elements analysis, you can easily know the status of solder in solder bath. This program is only for Sn/Pb solder.

Program All in 1 = Tin + Antimony+ Copper + Gold + Cadmium + Aluminium + Zinc + Iron + Arsenic + Bismuth + Silver + Nickel + Lead. This program is suited for main controlling elements in lead free solder.


Export Markets  : 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe


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